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When my final semester of undergrad coursework came, I was shocked to learn a required “class” was actually an internship. Immediately, I scoured my contacts for people who might be able to help, or those who might have a contact who could help. Effectively networking really allowed me to match an internship to not only my needs and career goals, but my major and minor as well. That is where Wilems Resource Group came in, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into their pilot internship program.

In order to be an even moderately successful intern, I had to delve deep into the world where Wilems Resource Group CEO Kimberly and COO Maddie live. I didn’t just need to find out what a Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) was, and wasn’t, I had to learn, and understand, how all these acronyms fit into what they actually do. Along the way, I learned quite a few things I’d like to pass along.

  • ​No one will give you an internship if you don’t ask. Even if the company doesn’t currently have an internship program, they might be interested. For instance, I knew Wilems Resource Group was considering building an internship program, and I gave them an opportunity to push ahead and try it out. Remember, if you work hard and do your best, your internship is beneficial for the company. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can join the team. Even if the company specialty doesn’t exactly fit with your career, expanding your resume and knowledge is never a bad thing.
  • Ask as many questions as you can, and ask for clarification if needed, without fear of sounding inept. Kimberly and Maddie at LEAST waited until I hung up to giggle at what was asked.
  • Take risks and do more than you think is necessary.
  • Time is literally a currency. Be frugal with others’ time.
  • Make a cheat sheet of acronyms. I cannot stress this enough. A few acronyms that made my list included: ACO, HPMS, ACO-MS, CMS, CMMI, NGACO, HCC, HCP, QPP, GPRO, HIPAA, and DUA.
  • Adding, “Harry Potter and the…” to the top and title of any lengthy legal document you need to read and summarize can get you through the first 10 pages much more quickly.
  • Healthcare is an ever-changing world. I now have even more respect for practitioners, hospitals, and insurance companies. Keeping up with the changes and compliance regulations is not easy, and luckily, Wilems Resource Group is there to guide many organizations through it. 

​Overall, my internship at Wilems Resource Group was a success. I know I’ll have a competitive edge in my upcoming job search, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to work with Kimberly and Maddie.  Best of luck to all the undergrads searching for an internship – it’s an experience worth having!   


Wilems Resource Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in Compliance and Engagement solutions for the Medicare Shared Savings Program and Next Generation ACO Model. We measure success on our ability to help our clients understand program requirements, determine the appropriate level of acceptable compliance risk, and create programming that meets all regulatory requirements. We build customized compliance and engagement programs for ACOs, physicians, practice managers, and beneficiaries.  We are #raisingourlegacy.​

Harry Potter and the wilems resource group internship

What i learned this spring semester 

Shelley Cox-Harris

APRIL ​2018