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Kimberly Busenbark (Wilems)

Chief Executive Officer




The current and future state of health care in our country is of grave importance. We are rising to the occasion. We will make a difference for the physicians and patients who are constantly navigating an evolving world.

Why "Raising our Legacy"? Our parents raised us to make an impact. And that's exactly what we are doing. We want our grandparents, parents, and children not only to have the best possible health care experiences, but to also see that we, the working mother, can and will leave more than our footprints behind. 

We will raise up our clients, we will raise our profile in the industry, we will raise strong children, and we will raise the image of the working parent.


OUR leadership

Although, as a third generation graduate of Texas A&M, Kimberly bleeds maroon, the oomph she needed to launch Wilems Resource Group came during a very purple K-State football game tailgate when her boyfriend proposed. She knew that marrying an Army Officer meant her professional identity would likely have to change - surely she couldn't continue to be a Compliance Officer while moving from base to base, right? Wrong. Kimberly had already found her niche in the Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Compliance world, and her expertise was in hot demand. 

​Kimberly spent many hours speaking with mentors and industry leaders to determine if there was a way to stay at the forefront of health care compliance while being on the road with her soon-to-be husband. Kimberly wanted to build a company that delivered a high quality customized experience for the client while providing employees with flexibility to spend time with their families. Wilems Resource Group was born.

A wise mentor once told us there are three types of people in this world: thinkers, doers, and thinker-doers.  We pride ourselves on being the latter.  

Our team has been at the forefront of the Medicare Shared Savings Program and Next Generation ACO Model.  ​We've had the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the many challenges that Accountable Care Organizations encounter related to compliance, marketing, and operations.

Prior to the creation of Wilems Resource Group, Kimberly Busenbark (Wilems) served as the Compliance Officer for Collaborative Health Systems' 35 Shared Savings Program ACOs. She was responsible for the implementation and oversight of the compliance program for each ACO. Since then, Wilems Resource Group has continued to grow, and has helped ACOs across the country remain compliant and be successful within the Shared Savings Program and Next Generation Model.  She specializes in the creation and implementation of Compliance Programs, development of Policies and Procedures, investigation and resolution of potential compliance concerns, management of audit request from CMS/CMMI, review of marketing materials, and implementation of Beneficiary Enhancement waivers. Kimberly has seen nearly every compliance concern in the Shared Savings Program and Next Generation Model. 

In June 2017, Kimberly expanded the expertise of Wilems Resource Group by welcoming Maddie Short to the team. Maddie, who had been in the trenches at Collaborative Health Systems building engagement programs and communications for the Shared Savings Program and Next Generation ACO Model since the start of both programs, was an ideal fit for the company.  She has a proven track record of creating large-scale engagement programs that impact the bottom line of the ACO and reach the participants, practice managers, and beneficiaries. Maddie’s project experience ranges from creating technical communication to organizing large events to ACO initiative promotions. 

Together, we are using our experience to build a different type of consulting firm...a firm built on integrity and open communication that serves as a useful and trustworthy resource for our clients.


Maddie Short

Chief Operating Officer